Enchantment–Does it Exist?

Is it possible to have enchantment in real life? In a world that is defined by others’ expectations, gray areas of what is socially and politically acceptable, and technology, enchantment can be difficult for most to find. From struggling to create a thriving life to clawing one’s way to the top of the food chain, life in the 21st century is all about getting on top, which makes for anything but the enchanted fairytale we read about when we are young. However, creating enchantment is not entirely impossible.

An important aspect of finding enchantment outside of a children’s storybook is exploring what enchantment means to the individual. Enchantment can be different things to different people; it is catered to each unique heart. For example, my idea of enchantment has always been to settle down in a nice home surrounded by a beautiful family. To me, that is living an enchanting life. For others, it sounds like confinement to who they wish to be. Some thrive on adventure, others seek fulfillment in work, and still, some find happiness in simple living. The definition can take many forms and it takes finding that meaning within one’s self before it can become a reality.

From there, enchantment is built. It takes realizing one’s goals and expectations for life and taking charge of making those things come into existence. So many people spend their entire lives accepting less than ideal circumstances and living in a state of regret, worry, and frustration; that doesn’t need to be the case. Finding enchantment comes when one puts down the labels, problems, and past that life has given them, and then a choice is made to move forward, away from those things. Victims become victors, the abused become healed, grudges are tamed, and the door to true joy becomes one that is no longer locked by hate, fear, and sadness.

Enchantment in the real world can be found, but it must be defined and sought after. Only then can it be built upon. Creating a blissful and enchanting life starts with realizing that happiness can be fabricated in even the hardest of circumstances. Motivational speakers, famous celebrities, and all around successful people never speak of their accomplishments without acknowledging the struggles that helped create those triumphs. The one seeking a victorious life must be willing to walk through their trials and allow their experiences to mold them until they discover their idea of enchantment and how to construct it.



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